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Teaching Materials

Macbeth Unit Plan

This unit on Macbeth, written for LASA High School English Pre-AP Ifocuses on literary analysis and drama, and incorporates elements of film and visual analysis and media literacy. View More

Feminism Lesson Plans

These lesson plans, written for McNeil High School English Pre-AP II, introduce students to the women’s role during the Victorian era compared to modern day, and explore A Doll’s House. View More

Writing & Reading Strategies

A collection of strategies and assignments used to enhance the instruction of reading writing. Included are “teacher’s examples” of the assignments, and directions for classroom use. View More

Reflections on Teaching

My attempts to answer the philosophical questions related to the teaching field, including my own perspective and teaching philosophy. View More

My Classroom

For future students and parents to access resources and to learn more about norms and expectations for my future classroom. View More

Essays & Articles

Research and essays I’ve conducted and written during my UTeach coursework that have shaped and directed my practice. View More

Professional Objectives

My cornerstone objective is to prepare individual students for success in building active, strong, connected families and communities. I believe that quality and caring education is crucial in creating a thriving society. In my future classroom, I will develop a commitment to life-long learning, an openness to differing and multi-cultural perspectives, and the personal belief that achievement is possible. My classroom will be a welcoming space for all students, where we will focus on developing a respectful community for creativity and critical thinking.

Encouraging personal growth and self-awareness through engagement with literature and language is key. Writing has a profound impact on adolescents as it invites students to reflect on self and the inner world. Then, through diverse literature, students gain access to a broad global perspective, bringing them a deeper understanding of society around them. Students must first discover their own identity in order to see their role as a part of the whole.

My classroom will be a challenging atmosphere for students where they will be asked to bring their best self each day. I will work to provide a space for self-confidence, bravery, and vulnerability to grow in my students, in order to prepare responsible, caring individuals that can thrive as part of a strong community.

 Experience Summary

In May 2019, I’ll be graduating from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor’s of Arts in English and a minor in UTeach-Liberal Arts. During my high school and college years, I’ve gained numerous experiences through both UTeach internships, student teaching, and education-oriented part-time jobs and volunteer work.

I began working in the nursery at True Life Church during high school. I fell in love with the organizational side of childcare, and found myself creating lesson plans and classroom rules! I also began assisting in administration and helping manage the volunteer team of the children’s ministry. This became an ongoing part-time job, where I learned valuable leadership and management skills.

While attending Austin Community College, I had the opportunity to study in the UK. For an avid reader and writer like myself, studying British literature overseas fulfilled a dream. My ACC professor for that summer invited me to work as a Supplemental Instruction Tutor the next semester. I enhanced her English Composition I course by providing group and individual tutoring for her students, and the students of two other professors in her department that year. This job sparked a passion for teaching composition, so I decided to apply to UT Austin to earn my English degree and teaching certification.

As a part of my ongoing involvement at True Life Church, I was offered the volunteer position of Children’s Worship Program Overseer. This was a chance to build the weekly “SPLASH” program from the ground up. I jumped whole-heartedly into writing the curriculum, recruiting, and managing my own team of volunteers. During this time, I also worked with economically disadvantaged children by becoming an after-school teacher at Side by Side Kids. Both of these positions allowed me to deepen my knowledge of teamwork and classroom management.

Throughout my education, I’ve been placed as an intern at several campuses to observe and grow my teaching practice. I’ve served this role in Kindergarten, 6th grade, and 10th grade classrooms in Austin, TX. Currently, I’m completing my Student Teaching semester at the Liberal Arts and Science Academy in Austin, ISD, which has been a thrilling time to challenge myself and solidify my secondary teaching skills.

I’m now excited to send off my graduation announcements and settle at a school and district where I can pour my energy and teaching skills into students. Wherever I’m at, I will create a warm, challenging English classroom for young students to thrive and grow their knowledge of English and their communication skills.

Expanded Resumé

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