For Future Students & Parents

Class Norms & Expectations

My classroom objective is to instill in students a desire for strong families and communities, tolerance and openness to differing and multi-cultural perspectives, a commitment to life-long learning, and the belief that achievement is possible for every student. My classroom will be a tolerant space for all students, and we will focus on developing a respectful learning community of hard-working learners.

Each year, I plan to ask students to develop their own norms for their classroom. I want students to take responsibility for the atmosphere in their environment, and to have a voice in the operations of their class. Having a discussion on classroom climate and fairness early in the year is crucial to sparking dialogue regarding tolerance and civic responsibility throughout the year.

In addition to some student-created norms, my expectations for every class are the following:

  1. Every voice is valuable.
  2. All of us deserve courtesy, respect, and honor.
  3. We are reliable and trustworthy teammates.
  4. We lean in and work hard to achieve our goals.
  5. Even when it’s not fair, we will still bring our best.

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